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Meiya Luo as Tax Specialist, Do you want to filling your tax ? call : 360-931-5667

After accumulating rich experience in real estate trading, Meiya Luo successfully passed
the Washington State Tax Agent Qualification Examination in 2017.
She has been hired by US's second largest financial company, Jackson Hewitt Tax Serivice compnay
as a seasonal tax consultant.

International buyers must know about any investment overseas. What and how much will come in the
future.Estate taxes and investment exchanges.

在积累了丰富的房地产交易的经验后,2017年Meiya Luo 顺利通过华洲税务师资格考试,并得到
美国第二大财务公司Jackson Hewitt Tax Serivice 公司的聘请任季节报税咨询师。

2020年2月Meiya Luo 取得了俄勒冈州税务咨询师资格证书。
目前任H&R Block季节税务师.